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Friday October 19, 2007

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I have found a lot of blogs that I like to read.  The list keeps growing everyday when I find something new.  I also understand why a lot of people who blog only post every now and again.  It is hard to keep a constant chatter going on all the time.  Right now I am just getting ready for my first art sale.  It is very hard to decide what I want to charge for my paintings.  I saw some abstract paintings today at a site linked to the blog I was reading and he is doing huge pieces for not very much money.  I go to another site and that person is selling the same size pieces for  huge amounts of money.   I think that I am going to go with small prices.  I have to say that I doubt anything will sell, but at least I am going to put my work out there and give it a try. 


I Think I Figured It Out October 10, 2007

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Life Is A BeachLife Is A Beach

Its All Going AwayIt’s All Going Away


 I figured out how to add my paintings.  So now I have 4 of the paintings that will be in my first art sale.  I am working on several more.  I just don’t have pictures of them yet.  As soon as I do, I will add them to my blog.  The art sale is the first part of November.  I signed up on Saturday.  I can’t wait.  I know that my chances for selling something are not great, but at least I will have my paintings out where the public can see them and not stuck in my art room. 

I have dyed some material and have drawn off the images and I have another piece ready to try beading.  I have not started any of the beading since I have the upcoming art show.  I want to get more pieces ready for that so the beading is going to have to wait a little longer.  I am anxious to start, but they will not be included in my art sale this time.  If they are good enough, possibly the next time I try to sell my work.



A While October 2, 2007

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Well, it has been a while since I wrote anything.  I have been very busy at work.  That is really a good thing.

 I am currently working on quite a few projects.  I am going to bead a mermaid, some seaweed, and some fish on a piece of fabric.  I used acrylic paint and textile medium to draw everything in.  Next I will bead everything.  I might put the craft batting on first though.  I have gotten a nice hoop though and if I use that I won’t do the batting first.  This will be my first attempt at really beading something.  I have added beads and buttons to other projects, but never a full person in beading.  The mermaid is going to be done in all beads.  Well, her face is going to be clay. 

I am going to put my paintings in a holiday sale.  I have a lot of things to work on before then.  Lots of paintings to do in a month.  I can do them.  I sat here at work and drew out the outlines of things that I want to do.  I had a great spurt of imagination.  I ordered some frames and matts for my projects.  I don’t know yet how many pieces I can put in the show.  I know that the prices are to be between $20 and $600.  I have been working on some ink drawings.  I think they all turned out pretty well.  I need to take pictures of everything before I pay for my spot in the craft show.  The lady who is putting it on wants to see my work.  Of course she might tell me that she doesn’t think my stuff will sell and if so then I guess I won’t be in the show.  But, I think I have some good pieces that will work.  Especially when they are matted and framed.  I also started a project with markers.  We will see how that turns out.  I am trying not to get my hopes up about the craft show, but it is hard not to be a little exicted.  I will write about my trip to the shop on Friday.

Well, I guess that is about it for my projects right now.  Nikki and Jacquie are waiting on my table for me to do something further with them.  I need to sew everything together.  That is the part that is hardest for me.  Getting to the sewing machine work.

Okay…that’s it for the day.  Almost time to go home.  Need to pack things up and hit the road.  I can continue on my artwork in just a little while.  I do work for art supplies.  Ha, Ha. 


Another Week September 24, 2007

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I finished Jacquie this weekend.  I have got to figure out how to make my pictures small enough to fit on this website.  I tried making the pixels less and tried to make the pictures smaller, but I still haven’t gotten the size to where I can put it on this website.  Anyway…I used yarn for her hair and some eyelash yarn for straps for a sundress.  I think she turned out pretty cool.  She has beads in her hair as well.  I am pretty proud of my job.

I finished one of my “Life Is A Beach” paintings.  I have to get a frame now and get it ready to take on October 3.  I did the sky, water, and beach.  I have a hand that is black, red, yellow, white, and green in the right top corner.  From that hand down onto the three areas, I have stripes and dots to show the colors that fall down into the areas.  I am pretty happy with the work.  Whether anyone else will like it is up to the judges next week.

I am going to try and work on the other painting that I started for “Life Is A Beach”.  It started out really well and then I added umbrellas.  I am not sure the umbrellas work, but I will continue to work on it and see what happens when it is finished. 

I got out my patterns that I have for a mermaid, an angel, an odd shaped doll, and a head with shoulders.  I want to try and do some beading and doll making.  I also want to work some hair onto this new doll head.  I made some larger and smaller heads.  I have to figure out how to get them into some sort of artwork.  I think my first piece to try and bead will be the mermaid.  I have some clay and molds so I could make her a face.  Or I could just stamp a face on the fabric or a piece of paper and put it on the doll.  I will just have to experiment.  I did get out the material last night and cut it.  I have a huge piece of muslin and that is my material.  I just cut the size I wanted.  I am going to paint the fabric.  I will try for a turquoise, aqua, and blue background.  Swirls.  Then I will draw the mermaid in the center and try my beading process.  I am thinking about adding a thin piece of batting to the back.  I have done that before in several other projects I did.  The batting seems to keep the material from pulling and it gives a more secure backing for the beading.  I am doing to frame this mermaid.  It will not be made into a doll or anything.  At least for my first attempt.  Maybe after this one I will try a doll. 

Well…I am fresh out of ideas now to write about.  I am going to have to get someone to help me with getting my pictures on this blog.


Friday September 21, 2007

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It is the weekend.  YEAH!!  I can work on my painting more this weekend.  I started on my next “Life Is A Beach” painting last night.  I drew my hand in the corner of the painting and then I painted in the sky.  Next I will add some dots and things to the sky to be the birds of the air.  Next is the water.  I should get the water done on Saturday and then the beach on Sunday.  Thank goodness for fast drying acrylics.  Hopefully on Monday I can start on the 3rd painting idea I had.  With three possible entries, maybe one will make the exhibit.  WellI can hope.

In the past day or two, I have found so many blogging sites that I really like.  I have many different interests in the art world hense the “Abstract Mixed Art” title here.  Yesterday and today by reading one blog that I really like, I found about 10 more blogs that I added to my list of blogs to read.  I cannot believe that I have gone so long without finding out about blogs.  I mean I have heard about them, but I never really thought about wanting to have a blog or read them.  I have learned so many things from finally taking the time to look into the blogs.  An amazing world has opened up.

Okay…Jacquie…I got her other blush red cheek done.  Even though I messed up one side they look okay.  Now will come the hair.  That is going to be an ongoing process for a few days as I try to figure out how to do the hair.  This is my first attempt at hair. 

Also, one of the new blogs I read today was about beading dolls.  I have read about them in Art Doll Quarterly.  I found a site that had a free doll pattern.  I am going to try beading a doll.  I love beads and I think that would be a lot of fun.  I have read how to do the beading, but I have my own idea of how to do it in my head.  So I think that I will try a small doll at first and see if my method works.  If it doesn’t then I can pull out the beads and do it the way I have seen on the websites. 

I know from reading other blogs that I am not the only one who has tons of projects in the works.  I also know that I need to start bringing my written journal back to work with me for those moments of inspiration when I can write down my “bright” ideas and draw sketches of what I want to do.  I sure can’t draw on my blog.  : )

Well…I am gone for the day.  Hopefully I can write on Monday and I will have a lot to say about my little projects.


Ongoing work on Jacquie & Life Is A Beach September 20, 2007

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I went to Michael’s yesterday and bought some brown yarn.  Now I have to decide if I want to use it with Jacquie or if I want to stick with the reddish bronze I found in my stash on Tuesday.  That would be more colorful, but some of the brown I bought has extra colors.  I also have some beads I want to add to her hair as well.  The hair on Jacquie is going to be another experiment. 

I got one cheek of blush done last night.  I kind of got off the lines for the spiral and now I have to figure out how to get off the lines on the other cheek.  I had wanted to go with a pinky coral bead, but I couldn’t find the right ones so I went with a red cheek.  Jacquie has brown toffee skin so the red really looks good. 

I also started on the beach umbrellas for my Life Is A Beach painting.  I also came up with another idea for a painting in the same Beach vein.  I won’t tell the idea yet…I will work on it.  Actually I had two ideas.  The second one might be more what they are looking for at the art show.  I will work on all three of them and hopefully finish and enter all of them into the show.  I think that this weekend is going to be a very busy one.  I will be working on all three paintings…maybe all at once.  Ha, Ha!  I have to keep those creative ideas flowing.

As for my everyday job…my big project is still going on.  I have decided that it will be something I work on after lunch each day.  At least my boss doesn’t expect the work to be done in a hurry.  I have almost a year to finish it.  Hey…it is government work.  : )

I am off to lunch now.  I will post what happens with Jacquie’s other blush spiral red cheek hopefully tomorrow. 


Busy, Busy! September 19, 2007

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I have gotten a big project at work.  So just as I start my blog, I find that I might not get to write as often as I thought I would.  I know that some people write everyday and some people only occasionally.  I guess I am going to be occasional for quite a while. 

I have been working on my fabric art more than my regular painting the past couple of nights.  I got Trixi pretty much finished and got the top & bottom of her fabric frame done.  So, I started painting the face on my next girl’s face.  This one is named Jacquie after my friend.  Instead of a hat, she is going to have hair made of yarn all over her head.  I am thinking about doing curls, but I haven’t quite worked it all out yet.  Like I said, these are my first attempts at this type of fabric art.  All of my girls are pretty made up.  I guess I went a bit heavy on the eye paint.  : )  Anyway…tonight I will start on the hair or cheeks.  I haven’t decided which yet.  The hair will be more difficult than the cheeks.  So I guess it depends on how tired I am when I get home. 

Okay…tonight I also plan to get back to my regular artwork.  I have until October 2 to finish.  I have an idea for another painting to go along with the first one.  I will try to possibly start it tonight as well.

I am headed back to my real life work project.  Wish me luck.