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Day 2 September 7, 2007

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My second day of blogging.  I changed the name of my blog to what I hope is my final one.  All my art is abstract, but it is not all done with paint and a brush.  I like ink and embossing powder.  I love to work with fabric and dye.  So therefore, I am an abstract mixed media artist.  I guess my art could be more like abstract mixed up art.  Some work is straight painting and other is a combo and other is just fabric, etc. etc.  As I said…kind of mixed up art, but it is all abstract.  At least my idea of abstract. 

I did not go to school for art, so my art is of my own style.  I know I am suppose to pick a medium and not bounce all over the place, but it is hard when you like so many different things to work with.  I suppose that is why they came up with a Mixed Media artist.  That is someone who can work with everything.  So as I write this blog I guess I am coming up with my style.  I am discovering my artistic style. 

Okay…off to another topic.  I looked into having some giclee prints made after reading a blog by Lynne Taetzsch.  This will be my first attempt at having prints made of my work.  I did a Google search and found a site that looks affordable to me for my first time.  I have to send them my art though.  Of course, since I have yet to sell my art sending it off will only be a big deal to me.   It is called Gallery Street.  Once I decide which art piece to send them, I will write about it here on my blog.  I will also post the painting to my blog.  My blog is pretty much going to be my website.  I will be showing my work here and selling my work here as well.  Maybe one day I will try to set up a website, but for now, my blog site will be my website. 

My blog is probably going to just be a weekday type blog.  I write mainly from work.  Yes, I have a very flexible job where I can do this type thing from work.  My weekends are usually spent in more creative art type pursuits. 

One final topic.  I am lucky enough to have an art room and it is almost finished.  Well, the room itself is finished; the moving into it is still a work in progress.  I will be getting my drafting table and sewing table moved in this weekend.  Then there is one more table and a few more bins to put under the tables and the room should be complete.  Pictures on the walls will be next.  Organization is probably going to take a while, but that will be coming too.  I just want to be able to get in there and create.  So…wish me luck.


One Response to “Day 2”

  1. corinnegalla Says:

    Hi Diane:
    Thanks for your comment! I have been reading EmptyEasel for a little while, too, and was very impressed with just about everything Dan had to say.

    Gallery Street is located near me in the Alpharetta, Ga., area. They started out with a consumer-oriented site much like CafePress, but more sophisticated, and offered not just giclees and the like, but coffee mugs, purses and shower curtains, etc., with the image of your choice. Last year they folded their tent on the consumer site, and are offering primarily “to the trade.” Also, they just launched “Art Candy,” which I heard about last week from one of my friends who was one of Gallery Street’s top sellers, and is now one of the 12 artists selected to be on “Art Candy.” Here’s the link: http://www.artcandyeditions.com/

    Good luck with your art (and all your future art sales, too)!


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