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Creative Weekend September 11, 2007

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This weekend I finished one painting and started and finished two more.  Two paintings are about our natural resources here on Mother Earth.  We are running out.  Both paintings are abstract renderings: one has an abstract container with something liquid running out.  This could stand for anything from water to oil; the other is layers of our sky and planet and is about everything going gradually away.  If we don’t take care of our planet there will eventually be nothing left.  So those two paintings are my statements about conservation.  I used acrylic paints and black lava gel medium to create my art. 

The third painting I did was an abstract rendering of flowers with a sun.  I used acrylic paints and a black pigment pen.

I also started on my first fabric block using my inkjet copier/printer.  I ironed fabric to a piece of waxed paper and put a stencil of a face and hat on the copier face and ran the fabric/waxed paper through the copier and the face and hat were then on the fabric.  I painted the face with flesh colored acrylic craft paint and fabric medium.  I haven’t drawn in the face yet.  I am not sure if I will draw something in with pigment pens or use a stamp.  I am still considering my options for this multi-media piece.  I did start on the hat last night.  I used eyelash yarn to outline the hat and the ties hanging down.  I used the yarn to outline the sections of the hat and then used two different fabrics in the sections.  I am stitching them in and will use beads to add more zip.  What I will do with this piece is not yet clear.  I might just back it with batting and make a quilted piece or I might continue to make different faces and make a much bigger art piece to quilt.  It will depend on the outcome of this little piece. 

I also have another fabric face that I started on and got a little stalled with.  In this one I have fabric hair with a painted fabric face that is attached with embroidery thread and beads forming a hairband.  The face is painted on.  The dress is  fabric and the collar is eyelash yarn.  My idea for her is to put caption balloons above her head and things that she is thinking about in them.  I have cut out a dolphin to applique in and I will draw a few other things onto fabric I can paint.  I just need to get myself busy.  After that I will add batting and quilt.  This will be a self contained picture on a fat quarter of material.

Well…that is what I have going right now in the abstract mixed art world.  I wanted to put some pictures of my work in the blog, but I have not yet figured out how to do that.  Every time I have tried to put something on here it has been way too big.  So, I will just continue to write until I figure out how to add the pictures.


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