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Trixi September 12, 2007

Filed under: Fabric Art — dianeo @ 4:31 pm

I decided to name my new fabric face doll – Trixi.  I don’t know why.  I just thought that sounded like a cute pert little name.  I also decided to add a neck and shoulders for a top to her head and hat last night.  I will need to repaint her face because adding the neck left it all a little streaky.  The eyelash yarn and fabric that is forming her hat is turquoise and blue with a little purple in the yarn.  I haven’t drawn in her face yet, but I did work on the eye shape today at work.  I sound the spiral that I want to use for her cheeks.  I like to do a spiral shape for my faces.  The next thing I need to work on is nose and lips.  I like to make heart shaped lips and little noses.  Everything of course is cartoonish…no reality here.  Tonight I will go home and outline the dress for Trixi with the eyelash yarn and add the material for her dress. 

I also made the balloons for my other face doll.  The first one that I started.  I need to name her as well.  I will have to ponder on that one. 

I didn’t start on any paintings last night.  I think that I will work on finishing my fabric art projects before I start on anymore paintings.  But, if the spirit moves me, I will grab that paint and brush and create away.


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