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Monday Morning September 17, 2007

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Well, it is Monday morning.  I had a good weekend of painting and stitching. 

I found out that the County where I live is having an art show at the Airport.  I have decided that I want to submit something for consideration.  So I started on a piece this weekend.  It is called “At The Beach”.  The pieces for this show are all suppose to be about the beach so I have done the sky with a sun and then the water with white caps.  I used a stencil brush to put in the sky and then used white acrylic for the clouds and used a rubber ended tool that I believe is used to draw in wet paint.  In this case I put the paint on the rubber and rolled it around to make the clouds.  I used a larger rubber tipped tool to make the sun and added a little gel medium to have some ridges on the sun.

I next did the water.  I used three colors of acrylic paint and gel medium.  Again I used the rubber tool to make the water.  Between each color I put a layer of varnish.  So the colors are actually not touching.  They are laying on top of each other.  I even added some whitecaps. 

Now I am on to the beach.  I put down the first layer of paint, but then it was Sunday night and I haven’t progressed from there because the real world of work is coming between me and my beach.  Ha, Ha.  I plan to add some beach umbrellas and maybe a beach ball.  I think that will make for a really nice serene picture.  All of the colors so far are sky blue, pale yellow, teal, aqua, and cerulean blue chromium.  The sand so far is a beige color that really looks like sand to me.  After I get the umbrellas on the sand, I am going to add some glitter glaze lightly to the sand.  The sand always seems to sparkle like glitter when the sun hits it, at least around here.  So a very light layer of the glaze, possibly just in a few places. 

So that will be my first submission of work.  I know that it might not be accepted and that is fine.  At least I will have tried. 

And on to Trixi…I got her blush done this weekend.  It is very light peach colored beads done in a spiral.  The beads kind of blend into the skin, but they are enough that they still show up.  I added two beads with flowers on them to her dress as well.  Cute touch if I say so myself.  I then started on her hair last night.  I am going to use DMC embroidery floss in 4 different colors for her hair.  Since I have never done this before, she is quite the experiment.  If it looks like the 4 different color flosses look too bizarre, I will go back to just two colors.  I think that all the colors will go well together though.  They are all so close in color: 433, 434, 435, and 436 in DMC. 

So that is the end of my weekend.  Now I must get on to my normal work day. 


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