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Friday September 21, 2007

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It is the weekend.  YEAH!!  I can work on my painting more this weekend.  I started on my next “Life Is A Beach” painting last night.  I drew my hand in the corner of the painting and then I painted in the sky.  Next I will add some dots and things to the sky to be the birds of the air.  Next is the water.  I should get the water done on Saturday and then the beach on Sunday.  Thank goodness for fast drying acrylics.  Hopefully on Monday I can start on the 3rd painting idea I had.  With three possible entries, maybe one will make the exhibit.  WellI can hope.

In the past day or two, I have found so many blogging sites that I really like.  I have many different interests in the art world hense the “Abstract Mixed Art” title here.  Yesterday and today by reading one blog that I really like, I found about 10 more blogs that I added to my list of blogs to read.  I cannot believe that I have gone so long without finding out about blogs.  I mean I have heard about them, but I never really thought about wanting to have a blog or read them.  I have learned so many things from finally taking the time to look into the blogs.  An amazing world has opened up.

Okay…Jacquie…I got her other blush red cheek done.  Even though I messed up one side they look okay.  Now will come the hair.  That is going to be an ongoing process for a few days as I try to figure out how to do the hair.  This is my first attempt at hair. 

Also, one of the new blogs I read today was about beading dolls.  I have read about them in Art Doll Quarterly.  I found a site that had a free doll pattern.  I am going to try beading a doll.  I love beads and I think that would be a lot of fun.  I have read how to do the beading, but I have my own idea of how to do it in my head.  So I think that I will try a small doll at first and see if my method works.  If it doesn’t then I can pull out the beads and do it the way I have seen on the websites. 

I know from reading other blogs that I am not the only one who has tons of projects in the works.  I also know that I need to start bringing my written journal back to work with me for those moments of inspiration when I can write down my “bright” ideas and draw sketches of what I want to do.  I sure can’t draw on my blog.  : )

Well…I am gone for the day.  Hopefully I can write on Monday and I will have a lot to say about my little projects.


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