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Another Week September 24, 2007

Filed under: Art Blog,Beading,Fabric Art — dianeo @ 7:44 pm

I finished Jacquie this weekend.  I have got to figure out how to make my pictures small enough to fit on this website.  I tried making the pixels less and tried to make the pictures smaller, but I still haven’t gotten the size to where I can put it on this website.  Anyway…I used yarn for her hair and some eyelash yarn for straps for a sundress.  I think she turned out pretty cool.  She has beads in her hair as well.  I am pretty proud of my job.

I finished one of my “Life Is A Beach” paintings.  I have to get a frame now and get it ready to take on October 3.  I did the sky, water, and beach.  I have a hand that is black, red, yellow, white, and green in the right top corner.  From that hand down onto the three areas, I have stripes and dots to show the colors that fall down into the areas.  I am pretty happy with the work.  Whether anyone else will like it is up to the judges next week.

I am going to try and work on the other painting that I started for “Life Is A Beach”.  It started out really well and then I added umbrellas.  I am not sure the umbrellas work, but I will continue to work on it and see what happens when it is finished. 

I got out my patterns that I have for a mermaid, an angel, an odd shaped doll, and a head with shoulders.  I want to try and do some beading and doll making.  I also want to work some hair onto this new doll head.  I made some larger and smaller heads.  I have to figure out how to get them into some sort of artwork.  I think my first piece to try and bead will be the mermaid.  I have some clay and molds so I could make her a face.  Or I could just stamp a face on the fabric or a piece of paper and put it on the doll.  I will just have to experiment.  I did get out the material last night and cut it.  I have a huge piece of muslin and that is my material.  I just cut the size I wanted.  I am going to paint the fabric.  I will try for a turquoise, aqua, and blue background.  Swirls.  Then I will draw the mermaid in the center and try my beading process.  I am thinking about adding a thin piece of batting to the back.  I have done that before in several other projects I did.  The batting seems to keep the material from pulling and it gives a more secure backing for the beading.  I am doing to frame this mermaid.  It will not be made into a doll or anything.  At least for my first attempt.  Maybe after this one I will try a doll. 

Well…I am fresh out of ideas now to write about.  I am going to have to get someone to help me with getting my pictures on this blog.


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