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Friday October 19, 2007

Filed under: Art Blog — dianeo @ 7:19 pm

I have found a lot of blogs that I like to read.  The list keeps growing everyday when I find something new.  I also understand why a lot of people who blog only post every now and again.  It is hard to keep a constant chatter going on all the time.  Right now I am just getting ready for my first art sale.  It is very hard to decide what I want to charge for my paintings.  I saw some abstract paintings today at a site linked to the blog I was reading and he is doing huge pieces for not very much money.  I go to another site and that person is selling the same size pieces for  huge amounts of money.   I think that I am going to go with small prices.  I have to say that I doubt anything will sell, but at least I am going to put my work out there and give it a try. 


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