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Day 2 September 7, 2007

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My second day of blogging.  I changed the name of my blog to what I hope is my final one.  All my art is abstract, but it is not all done with paint and a brush.  I like ink and embossing powder.  I love to work with fabric and dye.  So therefore, I am an abstract mixed media artist.  I guess my art could be more like abstract mixed up art.  Some work is straight painting and other is a combo and other is just fabric, etc. etc.  As I said…kind of mixed up art, but it is all abstract.  At least my idea of abstract. 

I did not go to school for art, so my art is of my own style.  I know I am suppose to pick a medium and not bounce all over the place, but it is hard when you like so many different things to work with.  I suppose that is why they came up with a Mixed Media artist.  That is someone who can work with everything.  So as I write this blog I guess I am coming up with my style.  I am discovering my artistic style. 

Okay…off to another topic.  I looked into having some giclee prints made after reading a blog by Lynne Taetzsch.  This will be my first attempt at having prints made of my work.  I did a Google search and found a site that looks affordable to me for my first time.  I have to send them my art though.  Of course, since I have yet to sell my art sending it off will only be a big deal to me.   It is called Gallery Street.  Once I decide which art piece to send them, I will write about it here on my blog.  I will also post the painting to my blog.  My blog is pretty much going to be my website.  I will be showing my work here and selling my work here as well.  Maybe one day I will try to set up a website, but for now, my blog site will be my website. 

My blog is probably going to just be a weekday type blog.  I write mainly from work.  Yes, I have a very flexible job where I can do this type thing from work.  My weekends are usually spent in more creative art type pursuits. 

One final topic.  I am lucky enough to have an art room and it is almost finished.  Well, the room itself is finished; the moving into it is still a work in progress.  I will be getting my drafting table and sewing table moved in this weekend.  Then there is one more table and a few more bins to put under the tables and the room should be complete.  Pictures on the walls will be next.  Organization is probably going to take a while, but that will be coming too.  I just want to be able to get in there and create.  So…wish me luck.