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Monday Morning September 17, 2007

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Well, it is Monday morning.  I had a good weekend of painting and stitching. 

I found out that the County where I live is having an art show at the Airport.  I have decided that I want to submit something for consideration.  So I started on a piece this weekend.  It is called “At The Beach”.  The pieces for this show are all suppose to be about the beach so I have done the sky with a sun and then the water with white caps.  I used a stencil brush to put in the sky and then used white acrylic for the clouds and used a rubber ended tool that I believe is used to draw in wet paint.  In this case I put the paint on the rubber and rolled it around to make the clouds.  I used a larger rubber tipped tool to make the sun and added a little gel medium to have some ridges on the sun.

I next did the water.  I used three colors of acrylic paint and gel medium.  Again I used the rubber tool to make the water.  Between each color I put a layer of varnish.  So the colors are actually not touching.  They are laying on top of each other.  I even added some whitecaps. 

Now I am on to the beach.  I put down the first layer of paint, but then it was Sunday night and I haven’t progressed from there because the real world of work is coming between me and my beach.  Ha, Ha.  I plan to add some beach umbrellas and maybe a beach ball.  I think that will make for a really nice serene picture.  All of the colors so far are sky blue, pale yellow, teal, aqua, and cerulean blue chromium.  The sand so far is a beige color that really looks like sand to me.  After I get the umbrellas on the sand, I am going to add some glitter glaze lightly to the sand.  The sand always seems to sparkle like glitter when the sun hits it, at least around here.  So a very light layer of the glaze, possibly just in a few places. 

So that will be my first submission of work.  I know that it might not be accepted and that is fine.  At least I will have tried. 

And on to Trixi…I got her blush done this weekend.  It is very light peach colored beads done in a spiral.  The beads kind of blend into the skin, but they are enough that they still show up.  I added two beads with flowers on them to her dress as well.  Cute touch if I say so myself.  I then started on her hair last night.  I am going to use DMC embroidery floss in 4 different colors for her hair.  Since I have never done this before, she is quite the experiment.  If it looks like the 4 different color flosses look too bizarre, I will go back to just two colors.  I think that all the colors will go well together though.  They are all so close in color: 433, 434, 435, and 436 in DMC. 

So that is the end of my weekend.  Now I must get on to my normal work day. 


Last Day of Work September 13, 2007

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Well this is my last day of work this week.  I am off tomorrow.  I have a couple of appointments so I took the whole day off.  I will spend part of the day working on my fabric art. 

I got the streaks out of Trixi’s face last night, but didn’t get anymore work done on her.  I also got a couple of the balloons started for my other face.  I don’t know if I have explained the balloons, but they are thought balloons.  Thoughts that my girl is having.  Last night I drew balloons about makeup and reading.  I have one ready about the sun and a cloud.  I am going to do another with a dolphin and maybe a seashell.  I think that will make some cool fun thoughts.  Four should fill up my  empty space in the material.  But if not, I will come up with more thoughts.

I also worked on another small painting.  I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with it.  I used a couple of shades of green and sprayed them on the canvas panel.  I sprayed each layer thickly and let it run down the canvas.  I am again thinking in an environmental theme.  Where this one might lead me I don’t know.  So far I am not sure. 

I ordered a calender from Lynne Taetzsch this morning.  I love her work, but it is a bit out of my price range.  So I bought a calendar and that way I can get 12 small pieces of her work.  Everyone should check out her work.  http://www.artbylt.com/

Well, that is about it for the day.  Not much going on with my art world other than these three projects.  I am considering doing a piece and trying to have it placed in a County art show at our airport.  I wouldn’t have much time to create it, but I think I could do it.  Having it framed would be the hard part.  I will ponder on this as well. 

Okay…until next week. 


Trixi September 12, 2007

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I decided to name my new fabric face doll – Trixi.  I don’t know why.  I just thought that sounded like a cute pert little name.  I also decided to add a neck and shoulders for a top to her head and hat last night.  I will need to repaint her face because adding the neck left it all a little streaky.  The eyelash yarn and fabric that is forming her hat is turquoise and blue with a little purple in the yarn.  I haven’t drawn in her face yet, but I did work on the eye shape today at work.  I sound the spiral that I want to use for her cheeks.  I like to do a spiral shape for my faces.  The next thing I need to work on is nose and lips.  I like to make heart shaped lips and little noses.  Everything of course is cartoonish…no reality here.  Tonight I will go home and outline the dress for Trixi with the eyelash yarn and add the material for her dress. 

I also made the balloons for my other face doll.  The first one that I started.  I need to name her as well.  I will have to ponder on that one. 

I didn’t start on any paintings last night.  I think that I will work on finishing my fabric art projects before I start on anymore paintings.  But, if the spirit moves me, I will grab that paint and brush and create away.


Creative Weekend September 11, 2007

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This weekend I finished one painting and started and finished two more.  Two paintings are about our natural resources here on Mother Earth.  We are running out.  Both paintings are abstract renderings: one has an abstract container with something liquid running out.  This could stand for anything from water to oil; the other is layers of our sky and planet and is about everything going gradually away.  If we don’t take care of our planet there will eventually be nothing left.  So those two paintings are my statements about conservation.  I used acrylic paints and black lava gel medium to create my art. 

The third painting I did was an abstract rendering of flowers with a sun.  I used acrylic paints and a black pigment pen.

I also started on my first fabric block using my inkjet copier/printer.  I ironed fabric to a piece of waxed paper and put a stencil of a face and hat on the copier face and ran the fabric/waxed paper through the copier and the face and hat were then on the fabric.  I painted the face with flesh colored acrylic craft paint and fabric medium.  I haven’t drawn in the face yet.  I am not sure if I will draw something in with pigment pens or use a stamp.  I am still considering my options for this multi-media piece.  I did start on the hat last night.  I used eyelash yarn to outline the hat and the ties hanging down.  I used the yarn to outline the sections of the hat and then used two different fabrics in the sections.  I am stitching them in and will use beads to add more zip.  What I will do with this piece is not yet clear.  I might just back it with batting and make a quilted piece or I might continue to make different faces and make a much bigger art piece to quilt.  It will depend on the outcome of this little piece. 

I also have another fabric face that I started on and got a little stalled with.  In this one I have fabric hair with a painted fabric face that is attached with embroidery thread and beads forming a hairband.  The face is painted on.  The dress is  fabric and the collar is eyelash yarn.  My idea for her is to put caption balloons above her head and things that she is thinking about in them.  I have cut out a dolphin to applique in and I will draw a few other things onto fabric I can paint.  I just need to get myself busy.  After that I will add batting and quilt.  This will be a self contained picture on a fat quarter of material.

Well…that is what I have going right now in the abstract mixed art world.  I wanted to put some pictures of my work in the blog, but I have not yet figured out how to do that.  Every time I have tried to put something on here it has been way too big.  So, I will just continue to write until I figure out how to add the pictures.


Day 2 September 7, 2007

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My second day of blogging.  I changed the name of my blog to what I hope is my final one.  All my art is abstract, but it is not all done with paint and a brush.  I like ink and embossing powder.  I love to work with fabric and dye.  So therefore, I am an abstract mixed media artist.  I guess my art could be more like abstract mixed up art.  Some work is straight painting and other is a combo and other is just fabric, etc. etc.  As I said…kind of mixed up art, but it is all abstract.  At least my idea of abstract. 

I did not go to school for art, so my art is of my own style.  I know I am suppose to pick a medium and not bounce all over the place, but it is hard when you like so many different things to work with.  I suppose that is why they came up with a Mixed Media artist.  That is someone who can work with everything.  So as I write this blog I guess I am coming up with my style.  I am discovering my artistic style. 

Okay…off to another topic.  I looked into having some giclee prints made after reading a blog by Lynne Taetzsch.  This will be my first attempt at having prints made of my work.  I did a Google search and found a site that looks affordable to me for my first time.  I have to send them my art though.  Of course, since I have yet to sell my art sending it off will only be a big deal to me.   It is called Gallery Street.  Once I decide which art piece to send them, I will write about it here on my blog.  I will also post the painting to my blog.  My blog is pretty much going to be my website.  I will be showing my work here and selling my work here as well.  Maybe one day I will try to set up a website, but for now, my blog site will be my website. 

My blog is probably going to just be a weekday type blog.  I write mainly from work.  Yes, I have a very flexible job where I can do this type thing from work.  My weekends are usually spent in more creative art type pursuits. 

One final topic.  I am lucky enough to have an art room and it is almost finished.  Well, the room itself is finished; the moving into it is still a work in progress.  I will be getting my drafting table and sewing table moved in this weekend.  Then there is one more table and a few more bins to put under the tables and the room should be complete.  Pictures on the walls will be next.  Organization is probably going to take a while, but that will be coming too.  I just want to be able to get in there and create.  So…wish me luck.


My First Blog September 6, 2007

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Okay, so this is my first attempt at blogging.  I have been reading EmptyEasel.com for quite a while and he says everyone should blog.  Okay…I am blogging.  We will see what happens.

I have decided that blogging is a little bit like exhibitionism.  You are inviting the world into your life.  You are showing off yourself.  I really don’t care to tell everyone about my life and what I do each day, but I do want to tell people about my art and what it means to me.  Hopefully they will want to buy some of my art that way.

Blogging is also a little voyeuristic.  People wanting to know about your life.  People taking a peek into what makes you tick.  Well, in this blog hopefully they will see my art and what makes my art tick. 

I still have to figure out how all of this works; how to link to sites and how to get words out on Google, etc.  EmptyEasel.com wrote about it, now I have to make blogging work for me.